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Effective April 2022

I wanted to update you on the approach our office is taking in the midst of COVID-19. It is our commitment to take an informed, compassionate, and thoughtful response to managing our office, in order to protect those most vulnerable to this illness, to protect our clients, and to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

As of today, here is my approach:

•I have been fully vaccinated and boosted, and am offering face-to-face sessions for those clients who would prefer to meet in-person.

•If you are concerned about coming to our office, I will continue offering tele-sessions as long as needed. It is important that you feel comfortable attending your session, and I do not want to create any additional anxiety.  Tele-sessions are done through Simple Practice (similar to Skype or FaceTime, but HIPAA-compliant and confidential).

•If you or your family members are ill, I ask that you cancel your in-person session; we will either reschedule or schedule a tele-session instead.

•Office seating in the waiting room has been arranged for appropriate physical distancing. 

• I have a HEPA-filter air purifier that circulates the air in my therapy room every 12 minutes.

•Hand sanitizer is located outside the bathrooms (in the hallway before you enter the counseling office suite).  Additionally, hand sanitizer is provided in the waiting room and therapy room.

• We are following the CDC guidelines, therefore are not requiring masks, provided the COVID numbers are in a low to medium range.  

Our therapy  rooms and waiting area are cleaned thoroughly daily.  I clean my therapy room  using an OSHA-approved cleaner that kills COVID.  All furniture, toys, and anything touched is cleaned.

Please know that I am here, in whatever way necessary, during this time.

Take care,


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